Friday, August 29, 2008

Teeth clenching brain twisting

I'm now in my college pc lab. cold n shivering.
Abit brain-tired due to assignments n presentations that have to be completed by nextweek.
Despite the piling work, i dont even feel the tiniest sense of panic or rush.
Everyone seems to be sooooo caught up in their work n all i do is watch.
But wat the heck, i always managed to complete my work before the deadline.

I gtg.
wanna continue watching.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Had nothin to do.
Planned sumthing last minute and this was it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This year had been so far so great.haha.
Many awesome things happened.
New friends, seen n done new things. basically, new new new.

These are the tantalayans:

wou! eehaa!

title seems abit too excited?
well yea, thats how i feel
i have totally nothin to do.n i almost planned to walk around the hse to waste my time.
but not anymore~! i got a new thing to waste my time on :D:D:D

BLOG <--- this word scares me last time. idk y,it just does. so i think i can say that i overcomed my fear.wah! haha. friends have been tellin me to blog since i was in high school. but boredom made me do this. sory friends, boredom just won. "we lost to boredom?" wakakakakaka. that thought in my head cracks me up. fyi, i spent almost an hour thinking wat shud my blog url be. cam budu kan? biar. at last this is my url
the word has no meaning n its a word i made up wit my mons not long ago.
bet u think its d dumbest word but it has sentimental values.haha.
so yea,there it is.

i'll be readin this in who knws years to come.
n when i do,i knw that i'll be laughin remembering this moment that im in.
"hi abigail!" that wud be me greetin myself in d future.
cant wait to see her n the changes.