Saturday, September 27, 2008


Turned that age 50minutes ago.
I feel old. like seriously.
But somewhere there I'm feeling happy :)

Ain't no teen life anymore.
Is it good? or is it bad?
Let time reveal.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

5minutes break

Take 5.
The brain cant take it anymore.
Too much about marketing today.
I still have 4minutes.

I'm not gonna sleep till 2moro.
Really got to study.
I think I'm gonna make myself a cup of ice coffee to keep my eyes prepared.
I still have 2minutes.

I haven't took my shower yet.
Gonna do it after i go through all the notes one more time.
I still have 1minute

60seconds ain't long. tick tock tick tock.
So yea, looking forward for 2moro's exam.

Times up.
Bye bye.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Best sept 6th!

Its now 6.30am.
just got home bout half an hour ago.
was with d weekend warriors.
bring back memories cuz we havent meet each other for so long.
like almost 2weeks.
for us, its a long time.

well, today we celebrated d bday of d world's two most tantalayan ppl.
not gonna write everything in detail cuz im lazy. hoho.
so to sum it all up;
- room25, chaotic table, bra opening ceremony,ice throwing
- bday song in histi, stupid speech by the two. hahaha.
- potato salad.
- shitloads of mcD
- sweet 17 on mtv
- qoi n ciggie in histi <----- the best part of the day
- nana n i tried to talk non-stop to make sure d driver aint sleepy while the rest tidur but sambil ketawa.

so happy bday lola n nana!
luv u two tantalayans till death!
n not forgeting qoi n shakelek. luv u guys too!
oh,n d best part is yet to come!
cant wait for that :)