Wednesday, March 11, 2009

At peace

Just arrived home from an oh-so-amazing trip, one which I haven't had for a long time and one that I surely need.
Went to explore the new KKIA after sushi with the bunch of beloved wackos. It's hilarious how the airport made us all excited, we keep imagining ourselves actually traveling together and waiting for our departure while looking at the arrival and departure screen. haha. I'm really dying to be in that day where it would really happen. Well soon it will, soon.
After KKIA we head to, what we call the end of the world.
A dead-end of a road to be specific, it's a quiet and consoling place. And just after that road, lies the ocean. The place has no lights whatsoever, but thanks to tonite's full moon, we have sufficient light. hoho.
The colour of the ocean and the sky are almost impossible to tell apart. The horizons are nearly invisible, it's like staring into an endless space.
It totally was calming just to hear the sound of the ocean hitting the rocks while sitting on the rocks chilling and talking.
Definitely what I desperately need after all these long busy days of mine.
Went to other bunch of places after that. All in all, I am now calmer, relaxed and very content. Oh and definitely sleepy. Think I better put myself to sleep now.
Good night wanderers.

A resemblance of what I saw.

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