Sunday, March 22, 2009

updatesy dursy

Last weekend till today had been a really incredible and fun one.
Last Saturday was sxa show, didn't think that I'll make it to the show as working is in the way.
Texted Laura right after I finished work, Laura, Nana and I ended up taking the bus to tuaran. All I can tell u that it was such a dreadfull ride from kk till tuaran. The bus was moving reaaaaallll slow, we're late and we missed quite alot of bands, and it was raining heavily. Hope that the rain would stop when we arrived at the bus stop, but it got worse.
Luckily the rain got a little bit soft-hearted with us when kelek arrived to pick us up, atleast we dont have to go to the car wet. Atlast, we've made it to the venue. We only managed to watch a few bands as we were late, incredibly fashionably late. bhaha
Anyway, sxa and escape the plainview sets are 110% good, no doubts. good good good!
Went home after the show and went out again around 1am, hangout and met everybody then head to the airport to send sxa and jeremy.
jeremy, i'll see you and the sweater in 2months time!
sxa, great show and hope to see you guys again.

Arrived home around 7am from the airport, then head straight to work after that.
Luckily I was assigned to go to the islands. Not much work to do there, which is great as I am incredibly exhausted and sleepy that morning till the extend where I almost dooze-off by the time I'm at the 2nd island.
Hope my guest from czech republic didnt notice my sleepiness and puffy eyes when we were talking about rafflesia and mushrooms. haha
Sent them off to their hotel around 4pm then head back home and sleep.

Gonna continue bout my week soon. soon soon monsoon~!


al razy said...

KK's scene sounds interesting.. pity me, i rip my band before we step my foot at Negri Di Bawah bayu

Abigail said...

hello hello stranger,
i did a lil bit of research n i've heard bout ur band.
a pity that its now no more.
hard to keep things together aye?

J MAIDEN said...

i want a hottie there. one of them laah. dont be stingy. kamon. with that tatts. yes. that one please.