Thursday, May 20, 2010

In the water, I am beautiful.

Apart from trekking and hiking, I too enjoy swimming (you're questioning my figure now, no? haha). And after so long of not doing it, I finally did today around sunset as the weather today was perfectly good and I had a bag-full of time.
Other days if it wasn’t because of time then it’s the weather. When it’s not the weather then it’s the time. When it’s neither both, it’s the pms! Sigh.
Swam most of the time front-side up while looking onto the sky which gradually changes its warm orange appearance to black and blue, where the moon soon appeared. Floating in the water and looking straight to the waxing crescent moon in a quiet surrounding does make me feel like I'm in the center of the Celebes sea. Being alone in the pool with no one else adds to the feel.
But booo the pool water wasn’t clear today. I blame the rain, chlorine and perhaps human urine too.
This post might be totally pointless but what matter is that today I swam a joyful swim.


11:16pm Me
ada gaya suda oh ko.
ngam la
ada dua boat company yg uniform drang baju kuning ni
nahh kubing lg

11:19pm Ass-catcher
apa barng tu kubing?
ada2 sja ni ayat baru ko

11:19pm Me
typo baitu, sy mau taip kuning tp tertaip kubing.
tp ada ba tu perkataan. slalu sy dingar urang cakap cicak kubing. nahh
bukan itu meh tu?

11:22pm Ass-catcher
aaah pandai2
kubing butul
nah jadi sdh perkataan baru
punya main kubing
itu cicak,cicak kubin laa

11:23pm Me
hahahaahaah. ahh ko ni yg kasi jadi² ayat baru. hahahahahah
cheii kubin ka pula. jd slama ni sy sebut tu salah la? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
punya main kubing ko ni

11:25pm Ass-cathcer
ko la kubing,cicak pun ko salah panggil smpai hari ni

11:25pm Me
ngam ba cicak, cuma yg kubin tu slh. hahahahahaha
cicak panggil sja la cicak. kanapa ada KUBIN dia lg di blakang

11:26pm Ass-catcher
ingat cicak teda maruah ka cincai2 panggil nama
yg ada kubin tu spesis lain maaa

11:26pm Me
hahahhahaha yala ba, cam guard cicak pula ko ni. hahaha
oh yaka? HAHAHAHA. aiya, mau wiki psl cicak la dlu ni

11:27pm Ass-catcher

11:27pm Me
nasib slama ni sy nda parnah type cicak kubing di mna2
sma ko sja la. first time laini. ahei

11:27pm Ass-catcher
ah,ada jga tu orng yg dngr ko ckp tu
cuma durang pura2 sja tu

11:30pm Me
tampar ko sna
mau kasi malu urang lgi
"ng" sy silent ba

11:31pm Ass-catcher
champen kunun cover

kubin rupanya. adui -_-"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nobody really knows?

This feeling of needing to talk to you all the time, 24/7, is a dread.
I enjoy every bit of our conversation. Many fun ones we had and I sure can' get enough.
Am i really pondering and loving only the talks? or is it rather with whom I'm conversing with?

Well its true John. Nobody, not even I, really knows.


This runny nose just won itself first place. brrrrrrrrr

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You, I.

When we open ourselves,
you yourself to me and I myself to you.
when we submerge,
you into me and I into you.
When we vanish,
You into me and into you I.

am I me,
and you are you.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I today officially declare that I would stop being passive here.
I am overly zealous by the thought of me blogging actively again, for no apparent reason.
These simple random thoughts does contribute a lot of joy. haha
Cant wait to post more shiznits!

If i don't do as i say, just remember its the thought that counts. hahaha